Committed to Change

Promoting change together

Our team has worked within the framework of youth and higher education for many years and we have demonstrated our committment through our relentless efforts to see people's lives changed and transformed.

We remain committed to change. Yes We Can! Yes We Must!

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King always preached the narrative that "there can be no gain without individual pain". Our team's sacrifice echoes this sentiment and our commitment is highly valued by our friends.

Our Team

Our Executive

Rustum FortuneChairperson

(ND.EEng) CPUT Admitted Advocate(BA.HUS) UNISA (BA.Hon) UCT (in Politics) Commissioner(BCom.Hon) UCT DoJ(in Informatics) (LLB) Kim WagnerSecretary Brian CleophasTreasurer (BTh) Gunther Wagner(BCom)

It's really very challenging

We run our youth development programs and Community Law Clinic after hours and on weekends.

Our Projects

Social Development and Education

Our organization's development initiative outcomes include the development and improvement of the quality of life for youth and their families by effective social interaction through the provision of social support and development programs so as to develop fully functional individuals.

These include providing administrators with technical assistance and training to help them implement effective curricula and teaching practices supporting social and emotional development. Our Law Clinic aims to educate communities in relation to their legal rights.