Social Networks

Why Social Networking Matters

The 800,000 South Africa students that head back to campus each year, are the most wired yet. 99%, will use the Internet, and their time spent online will measured in hours per day, not per week. And access to the Internet will be the highest through cell-phones with 78% of students going online via mobile.

South African Student Social Media Report

The report provides a snapshot of youth consumption of social media by analyzing what SA students are doing online today. On many campuses, upward of 90% of students use social networking sites on a regular basis. So much so, that other traditional mediums such as TV, radio and print are being consumed less than usual. In light of their strong use of social networks, students are a key audience for online word-of-mouth marketing efforts.

Spreading Ideas

Getting the Conversation Going

Students more likely than the rest of the population use online video and user generated content such as blogs. In fact, 1 in 3 students create groups online and have published their own blog.

Social Media Dangers

Students who share photos, artwork, stories and video are about 39%. 33% work on blogs or webpages for others. The remaining students have their own blogs and journals and they are about 28% only. Social networking comes with responsibility and it often turns into a very dangerous playing ground and parents must always be aware and informed of these dangers and be proactive in protecting their children.

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