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Read Keeping Hope Alive, June 2010

Everyday children walk into schools to glimpse their futures; to ask for hope..

Read With Imagination, November 2010

It is only when we can imagine the world to be different than the way it is, that we can be empowered to embody this alternative reality..

Read The Spirit of Ubuntu, April 2011

The freedom we are enjoying today was bought through the blood and sweat of many, many amazing people of all races..

Read F.W De Klerk Interview, May 2011

Former President F.W. De Klerk shares his thoughts on our post 1994 democracy in an exclusive interview with Rustum Fortune..

Read The African Dream, September 2011

Essays and Reports

Read Armed Conflict and Children

The 1996 UN report The Impact of Armed Conflict on Children brought the issues faced by children in armed conflict to international attention..

Read Shift the Power

Power in the hands of ordinary people, if used constructively can be creative..

Read Yes We Can, Yes We Must

The individual is the building block that creates the edifice we call society..

Read Globalization and Technology

Technology has truly become a beacon light of hope for the day and age in which we live. It has presented the opportunity to increase our human power..

UN Briefing Note

Read Changing Families

The primary purpose of the Briefing Notes is to provide information on an issue from a youth policymaking perspective regarding the impact of families on youth.

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