About Our Law Clinic

Making the Law Accessable to All

Accredited with the Cape Law Society in 2016, our Law Clinic constitutes pro bono legal counsel to poor communities, as students and candidate attorneys deal with live clients and real cases.

The consequences of the legal decisions taken by the client based on the advice given by our clinic are real and we pride ourselves on the fact that we take the work at the clinic very seriously and also show genuine interest in the circumstances of our clients.

Power to the People

Guaranteed Access to Our Courts

Another goal is based on section 34 in the Bill of Rights in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, that guarantees everyone access to our courts. Access to justice is a national problem for the poor and the indigent and apart from the Legal Aid Board and various non-governmental organisations, Law Clinics are the last recourse to those who cannot afford to obtain legal representation.

Educating our communities regarding knowledge of the law is very important in making justice more accessable to all. We aim to empower people by teaching and training communities about small claims court procedures and advise on selected labour law issues.

We Will Try To Help if We Can

What We Don't Know, We Research

In addition to offering free legal services, our clinic, together with local government, conducts workshops and awareness raising programmes aimed at empowering poor communities and educating them in relation to their legal rights.

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We may not always have the answers on hand in some cases. In such scenarios we research the issue in depth and revert back to the client once we obtain clarity regarding the issue at hand.

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