Welcome to BeTheChange

Be the Change you want to see in the World

The world more than ever before is moving towards a single consciousness. Walls that have divided nations are increasingly being dissolved by international agreements, technology, environmental changes and the desire to uplift the dignity and worth of all human personality.

As a result the power to change the world no longer rests solely with governments but with every single person and that includes you and me. The collapse of Apartheid in South Africa serves as a prolific example of what can be achieved when peoples everywhere bravely join hands in confronting the evils of our present age.

Nelson Mandela, alongside Desmond Tutu and others, formed a movement when they had nothing of what we have today. They became the change that transformed our country and we must do the same.

Social Development

Youth Development Initiatives

Every week, through our development programs we seek to offer children and youth hope. Our goal is for them to know and experience what it means to live fully, love wastefully and to be all they can be, in the infinite variety of their humanity.

In fact, we work to reach more, love more, and develop more children and youth than ever before. When we as a society become so frustrated that we would spend more money to lock up a person, than we would spend to educate and train that same person, then we can no longer call ourselves a progressive and civilized nation. Our youth deserve better and we as a society must show them the way.

Social Transformation

Equal Access to the Law and Social Justice for All

Educating our communities regarding knowledge of the law is very important in making justice more accessable to all. Justice often comes with a price tag, available only to those who can afford it. We can never speak of a just society when an elite few have access to resources. Our law clinic works to bridge this divide by empowering people with respect to their rights as enshrined in our Constitution.

Keeping Governments Accountable

Corruption in Africa is an ongoing struggle, resulting in millions of innocent people suffering. We work to promote strong non government institutions that help keep governments accountable and transparent.