Our Locations

Cape Town, South Africa

Most of our target sites are in the Southern Suburbs but we also work with institutions like Bosasa in Somerset West.

Some interesting demographics

From 1995 to 2000 the world's youth population is estimated to have grown by an average of 0.7% per year: from 1,025b to 1,061b. Geographically the world's youth live (approximately): 60%: developing countries of Asia; 15%: Africa; 10%: Latin America and the Caribbean; 15%: developed regions.

How You Can Help Us

Would You like to Volunteer?

Our initiatives can have an even greater impact with the help of volunteers, who would be willing to spare at least a couple of hours every week as we implement our Program of Action in various locations across the city.

In all our earlier undertakings of this kind we have received very positive responses from the target groups and we have committed ourselves to a relationship of continued support in this regard.

We appeal to all students and anybody who is interested in impacting society and building community, to come forward and help us with this very important undertaking.


Non-cash materials or equipment

We would appreciate any resources (Non-cash materials or equipment) that can be made available or donated to the various institutions we work with in promoting the general wellbeing of youth and the communities they reach out to.

Financial Donations

If you wish to make a financial donation, our bank account details are below. Donations are audited annually and submitted to the Department of Social Development.

Bank Account Details

Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Pinelands
Branch Code: 036309
Account Number: 032686331